All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.
- Martin Buber

A story waiting to be told 。。。

  • Myanmar is famous for its lovely embroidery. The art has been traditionally practiced in the country since ages. The Burmese sew gold and silver threads together on garments, costumes and dresses for members of the royal family. All this work is done by the artisans by hand and includes traditional figures, patterns and designs. The mixture of light and dark shades of colors is amazing.

    Arts & Crafts

  • This glorious palace is like a city within the city. It was the residence of King Mindon. Unfortunately what we can see today is an exact replica of the original palace which was destroyed by allied bombing during WWII.

    Mandalay Palace

  • The art of Burmese dance originated from the previous period of Buddhist era when Nat worshipping was always accompanied with dancing. The dance is very exalted and requires the performer to make difficult moves. The dance is presentable, gaudy costumes covered body, male and female dancers never touch each other when they dance together. Teens will be taught the Kabyalut – a traditional basic dance of Myanmar.

    Tradition dance

  • Myanmar Water Festival takes place each year from 13-17 of April towards to the end of hot and dry season with activities such as praying for peace in pagodas, bathing rituals for Buddha and then gathering in the streets, splashing water on passerby instead of New Year greetings.

    Myanmar Water Festival (Thingyan)

  • (From 1st–6th of Nov.)
    Activities including the balloon competitions, procession, and firework performance which occur all day and night. The air balloon competition is divided into 2 parts: the daytime competition and the Big Night Balloons. At night, colorful balloons in variety of shapes such as elephants, horses, buffaloes, birds, parrots, pigs, fish, and owls (a symbol of luck) are fired in the twinkle night sky.

    Taunggyi Balloon Festival, (Tazaungdaing)

  • Held at pagodas countrywide but most impressive in Yangon and Inle Lake to celebrate the end of the Buddhist lent. Most towns have food stalls and street theatre performances; pagodas and houses are full of lanterns and candles. Full moon is on October 27.

    Thadingyut Festival of Lights


Future of vernacular hospitality:

The shared alternative experience

BAMA retreat is an interactive and alternative experience exploring Myanmar as the most functional hybrid space. Additionally, it addresses the experience to feel like home while traveling. The space is designed as a local artisan home and a place for retreat, catering to both locals & urban visitors.



The Rise of the Sharing Economy
many consumers willing to participate in sharing communities

Number of international tourist arrivals worldwide from 1995 -2015 (in millions) - increasing

68% willing to share own assets
66% willing to share from others

78% willing to share own assets
81% willing to share from others

Cultural visitor
Local peopl
Lohas family
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Mandalay Hill, Myanmar 22° 0’ 24.23” N 96° 6’ 7.96” W
Communal space 
Travel as retreat - Today, we want to travel with a purpose & relaxation. We want our holidays & getaways to experience like home away from home. The experience will provide a way to rejuvenate our energy.
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